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Olidia Care Training and Orientation program is in four legs

New caregivers with Olidia Care must successfully complete their tracheostomy training or be evaluated prior to taking a full shift. Employees with no tracheostomy experience must complete Olidia Care Shadowing Program followed by Orientation Sessions.

The Olidia Academy or OA is Olidia Care integrated eLearning Platform using the Scholeio Platform. With Scholeio, courses are built using activity modules such as: Lessons, Videos, Forums, Chat, Blogs, Quizzes, Surveys and Resources that cover key Clinical, Administrative and Human Resources policies and procedures. Every nurse must successfully complete each course to maintain her/his employment with Olidia Care.

At Olidia Care, all nurses must demonstrate their ability to perform specific skills. They will be traced by a care managers or trainer at least once a year. The employee may also be invited to attend on-site training sessions organized by equipment providers and hospitals.

Online Timesheet

OLIDIA EMR is the platform for you to submit and edit your timesheet. Timesheet submission is now even more convenient using the timesshe calendar. You just submit on a predefined schedule

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You can use OLIDIAS EMR to review and print your schedule with Olidia Care clients. You can see the schedule of a specifice client or your overall schedule with the company

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Your Files

With OLIDIAS EMR, you can manager your employee files. You can review and change them. You can also upload new files to your account.

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Orientation and Training

With OLIDIAS EMR, you can complete youre employee orientation online. The system allows you to fill all orientation forms and complete mandatory training sessions

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Here are some of the key features of Olidia IT


Olidia IT instantly identifies trends and sudden changes in the client’s condition and quickly alert care managers. The system can quickly spot or prevent medication and treatment errors.


Olidia IT is smart and user friendly, allowing caregivers to spend less time on documentation and more efficient time taking care of our clients.


Olidia IT application is internally and custom designed to meet the individual needs of each client.


Using Olidia IT, care managers can review clinical reports and spot trends in the client care. They can instantly be alerted of sudden changes in the client’s condition and quickly react.


With Olidia IT, care manager home visits are now more efficient. This reduces the amount of unnecessary time care managers spend traveling to client homes.


Olidia IT is a standardized system designed to maintain the same quality of care across the agency and regardless of location, age and client condition.



At Olidia Care, Technical Support is provided by face to face, by email, by telephone or online. Wherever possible the aim is to resolve your query as quickly as possible by providing you with supportive information or by scheduling a visit to your desktop. There are several ways in which you can get IT Customer Support:

  • Phone Support: You can call or text our IT Manager Theo at 612-217-1650
  • Email Support You can send your request by email at olidiait@gmail.com. Our team will respond within just a reasonable amount of time.
  • Online Support Requests: You can raise your enquiry through the Customer Service Center, our online system: Customer Service Centre
  • Online Training Guides: You can view and download our on-line guides covering a wide range of subjects in an easy to follow format: Using-IT guides
  • In person Training: You can call our training manager Theo to set up a time for you come to the offe and get trained.

Clients Served

this is the amount of clients served up to now



This is the amount of nurses who worked with Olidia in 14 years.



Olidia Care has 6 offices including one in Ahmedabad in India


Years of Care

Olidia Care has been providing Complex nursing for 14 years.